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Heidi Kash
Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist

Brush Strokes


I offer a friendly and direct approach to counseling that's client centered and productive. As a therapist, I provide clients a safe space to explore and grow in an environment that's inviting, encouraging, and collaborative. I enjoy working with children, teens, adults, couples, and families.

I utilize evidence-based techniques including cognitive and behavioral therapies. I also find it beneficial to provide clients with current research from the field to deepen insight and expand on the "how" and "why" we operate the way we do. My aim is to empower clients to become experts in their personal experience. Confidence strengthens as they see their ability to manage life's challenges effectively, utilizing coping strategies that were established to meet their individual needs.

The work may include: recognizing and challenging unhelpful thinking patterns, learning new coping skills, evaluating the effectiveness of past and present coping styles, exploring personal values, strengthening relationships, managing obstacles, and practicing self compassion. Mindfulness based interventions are also effective in managing uncomfortable symptoms and can be useful to any age group in a variety of settings. 


Adolescence is an exciting time of growth that can be filled with unexpected challenges. Navigating through what seems like uncharted territory can quickly become difficult and begin to feel unmanageable. Extra support can help lighten the burden of going through this stage alone. With therapy, you and your teen can strengthen your relationship by learning effective skills to improve communication and tackle obstacles as they come. I encourage active, collaborative, participation. This enables teens to identify goals, clarify thought processes, and establish strategies for change with a growth mindset. Together we will identify your teen’s strengths and highlight how they can utilize them for support, as well as pin point other areas that will benefit from further development.



  • Licenced Marriage Family Therapist #130052

  • Master of Arts Degree in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University, Santa Barbara

  • Bachelor of Arts Degree from California State University, Channel Islands

  • Classified Employee of the Year, Chaparral High School 2020/2021, Ojai Unified School District 

  • Recieved training in the Oaklander method of Gestalt Play Therapy

  • Recieved training in suicide awareness, prevention, and management

  • Primary and Secondary School Mental Health Counselor, trainee & associate MFT, Ojai Unified School District 2017-2021

  • Group Facilitator for Co-parenting and Divorce Groups

  • Facilitator of 1-on-1 Anger Management Classes

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